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Q: What is "pop punk"? Like give me an example of a pop punk band please

It’s to the ears what a Tabasco enema is to the arsehole.
Blink 182 , a day to remember, my chemical romance all the bands that sound edsactly the same as them, which there are a lot of are pop punk. Note that there is nothing punk about pop punk whatsoever it’s just pop music for pedophiles and 12-14 yr old scene kids.
Literally every pop punk band has at least one member which tried it on with a kid. If loose stool water could be a genre of music pop punk would be that genre

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Ready for tonight’s gig
Train station in brisbane australia set alight as a fuck you to the g20 rally happening this year.  since this hilarious fire happend all the bins have been sealed shut on every train station in brisbane  on a side note the rhythm and blues group The Eagle Junction were formed in this very suburb 
Your Face Ruins my Day

because looking at your face ruins my day

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Debbie Harry photographed by Chris Stein, 1976
all the good things have been taken
Monsieur Calvin J. Candie